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It’s not a secret. Customers love our services. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real customers.

Great Design

Ron planned, designed and planted my patio garden with me just specifying the type and color of the plants I wanted.  After days of hard work – pulling out all the old plants, digging out old soil and bringing in rich soil and mulch, the ground was ready for the new plants.

I chose deep pink Encore Azaleas and pink bougainvillea climbing vines.  Ron installed the trellises where the vines entwine.  At this point my gardens are vibrant, lush and healthy looking with a green” forest” dividing the two gardens.  Ron also added pink Dwarf Hibiscus thus creating a three level tier of what will be rich green foliage with 3 shades of pink (favorite color) flowers.  The blooms are just starting to show and I cannot wait for the garden to come even more alive with luscious greens and pinks.

Thank you again Ron for making my back patio a beautiful site to see.

Amazing Service

We are so very pleased and proud of our patio and thank you for taking a special interest.  We have noticed that you water and “tune up” the planters and plants frequently.

As we have told you personally, feel free to bring neighbors and your future customers by to see our lovely patio garden.  It means a lot to us to look out each morning to look at the Birds of Paradise or to see whatever else is in bloom at the time.

You have been serving us for over 2 years now and we have not forgotten how hard you worked last winter to preserve our plants during the 2 hard freezes we had.  You were here at some very late times and we thank you.

Frances has said more than once that you should get a raise.  Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to enrich our lives!


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