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Golden Rule prides itself on Creativity, Integrity and Providing an uncommon level of service and attention to detail in the Home Landscaping service for Houston.


Creativity is a gift.  We can use our resources to make things better than we found them.  We hope this site will spark your creative side to improve your patio, yard or home.  Do these images help your thinking?  We would like to hear your ideas, make suggestions and come up with a plan.


A Local Reference with High Credentials (Mr. Saxon owns a background check company.)

My wife, Betty and I have lived in Willow Walk for over 16 years.  A few months back we received a sales flyer from Ron Lohr introducing himself and stating all the difference home maintenance type services that he performs.  The one that caught my eye we the gutter cleaning.  Within a day of two Ron came over and we agreed on what needed to be done.  Ron did an A+ job.  He not only cleaned and adjusted the gutters so they would work in the correct way but he did a great job of cleaning up when the job was complete.

Due to the professional way that Ron handled the gutter cleaning I talked with him about replacing our fence and gate.  Within a short time he came up with some suggestions as to how the fence could be replaced as well as the gate in such a way that it would look great now and last for years to come.  One of Ron’s suggestions was the use of three rails rather than two that you see on most fences.  This gives the fence more strength and will keep the boards from warping.  All of the materials used were of great quality.  The workmanship was excellent.  Not only did Ron and his crew remove and haul off the old fence but they took care of some landscape work that was needed to enhance the new fence.  In order to make the whole area look nice out back was asked Ron to pressure wash the concrete area.  Here again using his top of the line equipment he did a great job.

Ron does not low ball you on the pricing and then come back with add on costs.  He is up front with his pricing and is honest.  I am a business owner and appreciate someone that is honest, fair and dependable.  Ron Lohr scores high in each area and that is why I have no problem in recommending him.  If you have any questions, I would be happy for you to give me a call.

Sincerely, Bill Saxon   Bill Saxon, 3016 Teague Road, Houston, Texas 77080

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